The Long-Term English Learner Ordeal

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The purpose of this study by Dr. Michael Thompson was to examine the correlation between personality traits and English learners who reach high school and are still not proficient in English. The study also sought to examine the correlation between long-term English learners and their transiency rates and elementary school experience. Using data collected from a student survey, a personality assessment, and from the school district of the research site, a causal comparative research method was utilized to compare long-term English learners and non-long-term English learners. Inside, you will read about the findings and implications for the English learner profession.


The Academic Response to Social Emotional Learning

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The purpose of this research project was to describe outcomes of social and emotional learning programs on middle school students to determine if student motivation and purpose, teacher perception of students’ engagement, parent’s perception of school culture, and/or gender differences were impacted.  The researcher utilized three instruments to collect participant data: the AdvancED Student Survey, AdvancED Teacher Survey, and the AdvancED Parent Survey.  The research population consisted of 5th through 8th grade students in an urban charter school setting, teachers and staff, and parents.