Book: The Power of the Principal

The Power of the Principal

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In The Power of the Principal, Dr. Katrina Frazier tells a story about a turnaround school principal and her struggle to transform a low performing school. Although the story is fictional, it is a realistic portrayal of the challenges leaders are faced with when they accept the task of turning around a failing school. Throughout the story, Dr. Frazier reveals some of the reasons why schools fail and how courageous leadership can help schools go from the bottom to the top. Simplistic in nature, the story is a message about courage, triumph and power to choose to do what’s best for underperforming schools. In the second half of the book, she discusses the mindset transformational leaders must have and the strategies they can use to see audible and visible change within the first few weeks of school. She shares practical, actionable steps or coaching tips for principals to use on their quest to improve the quality of education for all. In the later part of the book Dr. Frazier shares her passion and motivation behind writing this book with an excerpt from her dissertation, “Closing the Achievement Gap: How Do School Culture, Student Satisfaction, and Family Involvement Affect the Academic Achievement of Minority Students.

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