Happy 65th anniversary to my precious grandparents!

If it weren’t for these two, I don’t know where I would be. My best memories will always be of going to church together; waking up to oatmeal; flying all over the country together; of greeting them at the door with their arms full of gifts (hand-picked); of bailing me out of financial mess in college; of making me grow up and saying, “No.” (that was hard); of making me think I was smart and leading me to believe I was the best at something I know I was actually terrible at; of investing in the start of my media business right from my college dorm room in Nicks Hall; of boat rides on the lake; of countless rides to school after missing the bus; of the endless laughs and attempts to make me laugh; and, of the unconditional love for me and for each other most of all. I love my grandparents and I pray they have enjoyed their 65th wedding anniversary today.



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